Advanced Economic Care through Innovation

We are focused on improving the lives of the children we serve by keeping abreast of the best evidence-based standards of care in the world. This demands a commitment to life-long learning and continuous education for our entire medical and therapeutic staff. At CHC, we expect more and our amazing staff never fails to deliver. They welcome the challenge to be creative problem solvers in addition to being loving caregivers.

An economic innovator
For over four decades, we have proven that providing complex medical care to fragile infants and children can be done in an advanced facility by highly trained professionals, with a sensitivity to dollars and cents. Our innovative approach allows CHC to operate more economically than any other facility of its kind without sacrificing expertise and loving care. We do it by being smart stewards of every operating dollar.

CHC offers:
– The best cost-to-benefit offering in the world for children with complex medical needs requiring ventilation
– Excellent wound care, trach, g-tube and infection control
– Substantial cost savings to the State of Illinois offering all possible services, a true continuum of care. Other facilities charge 5 to 7 times more per day
– Certified Nursing Assistants in every room 24 hours, 7 days / week
– Evidenced-based practices and prudent care leading to high patient/family satisfaction, many successful home transitions and low emergency hospitalizations

CHC’s best practices translate to the extraordinary outcomes for children with complex medical needs.



“They actually care.”


“They have not failed me.”

Ms. Brown

“They’re taking good care of him.”