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Patient Centered, Family Focused

Our expertise and commitment to family-centered care puts us in the forefront of treating fragile infants and children. To ensure that your concerns for your child are incorporated into all medical and therapeutic planning and treatment, we have become experts at listening and delivering the highest level of care.

Doing so over 45 years has allowed us to define an innovative approach, integrating the highest level of technological care with the holistic needs of each patient while being attentive to the emotional impact a medically fragile child has on the family.

Whether your child suffers from chronic illness, brain and spinal cord injuries, complications from prematurity, or a birth defect, the compassionate care provided in our technologically advanced facility is unmatched in the nation.

Led by a team of highly trained medical and therapeutic professionals, we partner with families to develop a personalized, effective care plan so that the best decisions are made for your child—with your input valued and considered every step of the way.

This continuum of care endeavors to help each child reach his or her maximum functional ability, medically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.



“They actually care.”


“They have not failed me.”

Ms. Brown

“They’re taking good care of him.”

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